Electron Beam Revolution

A chemical-free inline manufacturing technology.

Create new materials. Save energy (50 – 80%). Accelerate throughputs. Eliminate toxic chemicals. Earn brand credit for doing the right thing.

ebeam lamp

A Legacy To Build On

As a company of the COMET GROUP, the market leader in
industrial X-ray, we have 65 years of experience in research,
development, manufacturing and scaling.

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Comet building at night

Swiss Precision
Is In Our Blood.

Reliability and longevity in the
manufacturing environment.


Say “So Long” to Solo Innovation.

Open book, open-access partnership. No poker games,
no hidden agendas or margins. Own the IP. Get exclusivity
if you’re a dominant market player. Full cost transparency.

They had an openness and willingness
to find new ways to collaborate.
There were no rigid processes.
It was a long-term partnership
with a clear focus on “win-win.”

—Ian Roberts, CTO

Data-driven In
Every Moment.

Instant, inline feedback. We can measure every step
of the process. Every single one.


Blue Is the
New Green.

Green technology. It’s good for the planet but typically comes with trade-off’s… often more expensive or less productive. We must go beyond green to have a real impact. ebeam is blue technology. Not just because of the beautiful blue glow created when electrons fly through the air, but because it’s good for the planet AND more productive. Fewer resources. Higher efficiency. Lower costs. That’s a solid business case.

electron beam

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